Obligations and rights in marriage

The family has different definitions, because they respond to legal content and historical aspects that do not coincide at all, but in its broader conceptualization family is the set of relatives with whom there is a legal bond, which reaches the ascending and descending without limitation of degree, for legal matters in the family lawyers in Spain have a special category of jurisprudents experts who can be consulted in case of need for guidance or representation in legal cases of this nature and these are the family law solicitors in Spain.

So that, the family bond will always provide legal significance, because these links will always arise rights and obligations, which will highlight the performance of expert family law solicitors in Spain. These lawyers in Spain will have as a field of action especially in the obligations and rights implicit in the following areas:

  1. The marriage is not a simple contract involving two (2) Contracting people, but it is the institution that is done with the idea of permanence and generates rights and obligations that affect the family as a whole and marriage that children succeed and therefore the relations paternal subsidiaries start
  2. In the parent-child relationship that originates from the marriage and then has an impact on the livelihood of the family that is ultimately the foundation of a given social order
  3. In succession at the entrance as heir or legatee in the possession of the property or assets as input or continuation of a person rather than another as descendants
  4. In all other areas arising from family ties.

All family links will always generate a legal environment, and this goes hand in hand from the point of view of responsibility that is forming in families while they are growing, that is, first marriage, then children, every time are more the responsibilities that must be assumed and in a great extent. For all legal procedures within the family you can always count on family lawyers, who with their great experience and professionalism will always help in simple things and even in issues that are already delicate.